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Phillip is a wonderfully empathetic and caring counsellor, who is genuinely interested in my wellbeing. He has provided me with a safe and non-judgemental space in which to share my thoughts, and has encouraged me to become more aware of my feelings and thought patterns.  

Phillip is incredibly patient and has guided me to open up about certain issues at my own pace, and I have never felt pressured to say anything I don't want to. I have really benefitted from Phillip's kind natured and personable approach, and would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a counsellor.

Ms D

I've been working with Phillip for just over 18 months now, and in that time I've become so much more aware of my own emotions and feelings, as well as automatic thought patterns and self-judgement. Phillip has helped me get to the root causes of some long held beliefs about myself that had held me back socially and professionally. This is ongoing work, but I've already noticed a huge difference in my life. I feel it has improved my relationship with friends, family and romantic partners, as I'm more comfortable and able to show up as my true authentic self. Most importantly, it has improved my relationship with myself. I'm so much more understanding of my own history and how that's reflected in the different parts of my personality and as a result, I'm kinder to myself.

Mr C



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